How do I sign up?

Sign up forms are located on the selection pages. Select the option that is right for you and please include any special considerations you would like us to know about. The sign up form helps us to prepare and provide you and your family with a great surfing or sailing experience.

How much does it cost?

Thanks to our volunteers and supporters there currently is no cost to participate. We appreciate this opportunity to help keep you connected to the ocean and look forward to working towards maintaining sessions at no cost for those involved. Thank you volunteers!

What do I need to bring?

Beach wear is recommended. Towels, Dry clothes, Hoodie, Swim goggles, specialty snacks, etc... For Surfers you can bring your own surf gear or use the suits and boards provided. Bringing your own lunch and water is recommended. Bringing extras for others is always rad! 

Is the water cold?

Right now the water temps are in the low 60's. It feels good in full suit, especially when the sun is out. Plus with all the action going on it will feel great to splash around in the cool waters.

How safe is Adaptive Surfing?

Safety is our number one priority. We use the best techniques and equipment to promote an safe and successful surf experience. All athletes will be provided life jackets if needed, soft top board options, and surfing partners who are committed to safety. Most of all Adaptive Surfing is safe thanks to the work of our awesome volunteers. From water patrol to beach managers everyone in our family is looking out for each other.

What kind of waves are we talking about?

One of the best parts about living in California is our proximity to some spectacular surf breaks. Oceanside Harbor is a consistent spot that provides waves at pretty much any tide. It is a beach bottom and we are located a safe distance from the north jetty. The waves we ride will ideally be in the 1-4' range and a combination of reformed breaking waves and open face wave riding. If conditions are rough the harbor provides calm water for paddling and play just 100' away from the ocean. 

Can I go out in the water with my family member?

We recommend your surfer paddles with one of our experience Surf Instructors under the supervision of our Water Safety Crew. If you wish to participate please inform us when you sign up or if already signed up, please email us and let us know you want to get out there too. (please note that surfers have priority on wetsuits so it is recommended to bring your own to ensure proper fit)

I have a group that would like to participate, how can we get involved?

If you have a class or large group that you would like to get in the water or volunteering please contact us so we can coordinate. Waves4All Surf Family Sessions are great for Elementary to College level clubs and classes. Community groups and organizations are also welcome to join. This is truly Waves4All! Each session has limited spacing so it is important to contact us now to ensure the safety and success of the session. Please contact us at

I want to be a Surf Instructor, do I have to try out?

Depending on your past experience you may be required to pass a physical readiness test prior to surfing tandem with an athlete. The test details are listed on the Surf Instructor sign up page. For information on testing dates please email or check online.

How can I learn more?

Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions you cannot answer on the site. Our community and infrastructure is growing and we welcome your input and participation in making Waves4All a great experience for everyone.