Must Read and Sign Prior to Surfing

Aloha, thank you for signing up as a Surf Instructor for our next Waves4All session. Your commitment to the ocean and towards helping others is truly inspiring and we are stoked you want to bring your passion to our Surf Family. 

Surf Instructors are essential to hosting a successful event and is why we encourage you to sign up in advance so we can plan our sessions accordingly. Sessions are generally either Morning (9-12) or Afternoon (12-3). Surfers are required to arrived at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled session time. Surf instructors should be experienced and able to understanding ocean conditions, water safety, and be able to perform duties unassisted if required. 

Surf Instructor Pre-Qual:    Note: If you do not think you can pass this physical readiness test we recommend you sign up as Beach/Safety Support for our next event and talk with the Surf Captain for training ideas to help boost your abilities.

-5 Minutes treading water unassisted

-100 yard swim

-50 yard dash

-Catch whitewater and stand, ride for distance

-Catch a clean wave, stand, perform a turn, ride for safety

-Catch a wave with +50lb, ride for distance and safety