Must Read and Sign Prior to Surfing

Surf Athlete Sign Up Form

- S U R F  A T H L E T E  S I G N  U P  F O R M -

Thank you for signing up for our next Waves4All event. Space is limited and preparations must be made so we appreciate you signing up prior to the event. All participants/athletes should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their desired surf time within the selected window. This will help assist wet suit and life jacket fitting, safety and helps to ensure maximum time in the water. Surfing happens mostly on a first come first serve basis, we try to keep waiting to a minimum. Please write in the form if you have any considerations or requests that can help us make this the most safe and stoked experience it can be!

Please note: If you anticipate any difficulties with ocean introduction or suit/jacket fittings please arrive earlier so we can take our time and work to ensure a most pleasant ocean experience.  

After signing up you should receive an email within 48hrs confirming your sign up and session time.