Waves4All Brief History-

It started 3 years ago when a couple of North County surfers decided to create a year-long surf experience for local Adaptive Athletes who were stoked but having to wait a long time for the next surf camp or clinic. We knew there was enough high-quality surfers out there that if we could get everyone together we could create something truly pure and authentic. 

We all love the ocean.  Some of us have surfed our entire life while others have only been at it a coupe months. Most everyone who shows up has one thing in common, we all love riding waves and feeling the joy the ocean brings us. Helping others to experience something so magical is what motivates us and drives us to create this opportunity. 

We've done over 50 free "Sessions", where a couple of us get up early and by the end of the day a hundred people are stoked. It's like the field of dreams for surfing, "If you build it, they will come".

We have a strong water crew that trains and volunteers with other organizations. Some of our athletes compete and we're here to help if needed. Our families are the best and always light up the beach with cheers and photos from too far away. We love our Surfers, Volunteers, Friends, Family and Sponsors so much we kept thinking of new ways to get Adaptive athletes connected with the ocean. 

One day a while back some volunteers were talking, turns out they are both Sailors. Now we have 2 boats with plans to build an Adaptive Catamaran that will connect just about anyone with the wind and the water. Whether surfing Southern California or sailing the coastal waterways. Our goal is to use our experience, equipment and network to open up even more access for individuals with disabilities. 

We are watermen and women. We take it serious and always have the athletes safety as our top priority. We have fun when it's time to have fun but understand the commitment and respect we have for the ocean and each other.

We understand times are tough but conditions do change, the . Our dedication remains strong with the goal of bringing you to the ocean time and time again. 

If this interests you then we welcome you to join us. There are many ways for you to connect with us and with the water. Hope to see you out there.

SURFING FROM:  [8-11:30AM] & [12 - 2:30PM]

Waves4All is a volunteer Surfing and Sailing club based in North County, San Diego and operates in support of Adaptive Athletes progression, innovation and conservation. Our mission is to provide safe and stoke filled ocean sessions to help Adaptive Surfers and Sailors improve their skills both in and out of the water. We provide no-cost progression sessions to Adaptive Athletes and work towards building strong relationships with the ocean and the surfing community. Waves4All is dedicated to providing a true surf experience with little hype in regards to a surfers unique abilities or modifications. Our instructors and volunteers are real surfers and ocean lovers who choose to use and improve their skills with us. It is this dedication to the ocean and our community that brings us together and we hope that you would like to join us. 


Hey whats up Josh, let me know if you hear this. This image is of a girl and guy sitting back to back in the water. She is holding him up as the waves roll over them. He is paralayzed and there are people showing up to help. One girl with super short hair is throwing up a shaka!


​Do you love the ocean and helping others?

Do you love exploring your abilities and inspiring others to be there best?

Do you want to learn how to Surf or Sail?

Do you want to share ideas and energy towards helping create safe and stoke filled ocean experiences. 

If you answered yes to any or all these questions then come on onboard.

We would love to have you join us and there's plenty of waves and wind for everyone.

​If you live in or are visiting the San Diego area and want to get involved, reach out using the Volunteer, Athlete or Team sign up forms.