Special Thanks to all the parents and volunteers who have dedicated themselves to the ocean and to each other in the most beautiful way.

Mahalo a nui.


Adaptive Surfer and W4A Friend - Austin Waite @ All Wheels Access

Checkout some of our friends in the water and on Youtube

Adaptive Surfer and W4A Friend - Jacob Pacecho @ Prone ToRide

We are looking to organize a core group of surfers and beach volunteers in San Diego and North County that we can look towards when local and regional Adaptive Surf Events need help. In addition to Waves4All sessions we want to step up every time we can to make sure our Adaptive Surf brothers and sisters aren't in the water alone.

Join Adaptive Surfers, Instructors, Parents, and other Volunteers as we help make dreams come true. Whether in the water or on the sand, EVERY volunteer is important in making these sessions a safe and totally Stoke filled Experience! 

We look forward to seeing you there.