Bringing the thrill of the Wind to Ocean Enthusiast of all ages and abilities.

To experience the ocean is a natural human right. Our goal is to provide access to the water in a safe and sustainable manner. Our mission is to provide authentic experiences that inspire a great love for the ocean. With the help of our friends, family and special contributors we have acquired a vessel and have plans to make modifications for which to build dreams upon. To voyage and explore where our courageous hearts take us, the water beneath and blue sky above. 

MircoKat Specs:


LOA9 ft 4 in.
Beam5 ft 8 in.
Draft (boards up)2.5 in.
Draft (boards down)2 ft 1 in.

SAIL- Mainsail Area51.3 ft²

Reynolds 21' Overhaul and Modifications Wish List

- Custom Rear Fiberglass Hard-deck 

(multi-functional, non-slip, wheelchair accessible)

- Restore Bottom Paint 

- Upgraded Rigging

- Upgraded Sheets, Main & Jib

- ADA Functional Swivel Seats

- Sail Repairs, Upgrades

- Updated Safety Equipment​​

Current Flagship - 1981 Reynolds 21' Catamaran

Hull Type: Catamaran Twin Dbrd.     Rigging Type: Frac. Sloop (Rotating Spar)
LOA: 21.00 ft / 6.40 m     LWL: 20.16 ft / 6.14 m
Beam:12.75 ft / 3.89 m     S.A. (reported): 271.00 ft2 / 25.18 m2

Draft (max): 3.00 ft / 0.91 m     Draft (min): 0.50 ft / 0.15 m
Displacement: 900 lb / 408 kg     S.A./Disp.:46.60     Disp./Len.: 49.04
Construction: FG     First Built: 1979     Last Built: 1980     # Built: 50
Builder: Randy Reynolds (USA)
Randy Reynolds

- ​​Style, Stability & Speed -

Captain's Request and Information


Join our Fleet! Boat Captains and Owners welcome!

We are excited to introduce you to our MircoKat! Build by WhiteCap Composites for junior sailors who want to go fast, the MircoKat provides a great platform for adaptive athletes to experience the water up close and personal. Sail with a instructor or try out your skills solo sailing on this fun and compact racing vessel.

MircoKat is prefect for ocean and fresh water adaptive sailing adventures!