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1. Showing or having a capacity for or tendency toward adaptation (Adapt, verb: make something suitable for a new use or purpose; modify. Become adjusted to new conditions.)

a: designed or intended to assist deisabled persons : assistive <adaptive devices> b: engaged in by disabled persons with the aid of equipment or techniques adapted for a disability <adaptive surfing>


1.  The sport or pastime of riding waves towards the shore while standing, kneeling, sitting or laying on a surfboard.


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Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Adaptive Surfing, instructor training, sessions, lessons and clinics in and around North County, San Diego, Oceanside, Orange County, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Encinitas, Solona Beach, Del Mar, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Camp Pendelton, Miramar, East County, La Mesa, El Cajon, Imperial Beach, Newport Beach, San Clemente, North Island, Coronado, Riverside, Temecula, Escondido, Rancho Santa Fe, Cardiff, Dana Point.

Adaptive Surfing individual conditions may include but are not limited to: Spinal Cord Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Friedreich's Ataxia, Marfan Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Aspergers, Autism Spectrum, Visual Impairment, Blindness, Deafness, Hearing loss, Multiple Sclerosis, Amputation, Spinal cord disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury TBI,  Anxiety, Depression, OCD, limited Social Interaction, Foot Hand or Extremity impairment, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Parkinson's, Arthritis. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our inclusive surfing program. If you feel there is additional information we need to know to help your surfing experience please contact us and include in the Special Instructions section of your sign up form.    

Learn more about our events and find out why we feel the ocean is the right place for you and your family.  



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Clear Blue Conservation 501(c)(3)

The ocean is our home, our playground, our club house. Without clean water what we do would not be possible. This is why our mission is not only to help progress Adaptive Surfers but to raise a greater appreciation for the ocean and to help preserve this life giving resource as a never ending gift to humankind. 

Waves4All Surfers have always enjoyed their sessions as a free experience and our goal is to continue that as we grow our operations. Through your contributions to Clear Blue Conservation you not only help more Surfers experience the ocean, you help sponsor cleaner coastlines and innovation towards increasing access, abilities and awareness of it all. Your contribution from this site goes 100% to creating Safe and Stoked Waves4All Surf Experiences.

From all of us at Waves4All, Mahalo a nui (Thank you very much) 

Discover the many ways we interact with the ocean. From Surfing waves to building Sand Castles, our goal is to make your ocean experience safe, fun and exciting for all. 

Anchors Away! Ocean testing our Adaptive Catamaran.

Get involved and help us grow our family. Surfers and non-surfers are needed to help put on a successful event. Find out more and decide how you can help.

DONATE your Unused Surfboards and Surf Gear to WAVES4ALL!

As our community grows our need for new and used surf equipment grows too! Waves4All is dedicated to helping Adaptive Surfers get in the water and keep the stoke alive. Help us stay prepared for fully equipped for our mission. Donate new or used surf boards, SUP's wetsuits, swim fins, rash guards, canopies, chairs or vinyl wood flooring for wheelchair access panels.

Waves4All December Year end Closeout Session 2019

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We are an Adaptive Surfing and Sailing Club based out of North County, San Diego, CA.

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